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What an Evening in Zumbrota!

Great energy and passion in Zumbrota. Parents and Citizens are fired up for truth, transparency, and accountability! Thank You to everyone who gave up a beautiful evening to gather and discuss the urgent issues at hand and how to be a part of the solution!

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Drazkowski Wins Republican Endorsement for State Senate

On Saturday, April 2nd nearly 400 Republican Delegates gathered at the Goodhue High School to endorse their choice to represent them in the new Senate District 20. Representatives Steve Drazkowski and Barb Haley were both seeking to replace the retiring Senator Mike Goggin. Drazkowski and Haley addressed the large group of grassroots Republicans sharing their values and vision for 2023. While delegates were allowed up to six separate votes to endorse their candidate, Representative Drazkowski handily won on the support of Republicans with 70% on the first vote. Representative Drazkowski addressed the crowd after his endorsement by saying, “Our freedoms come from God, not from government. Our Founding Fathers wrote an amazing Constitution to protect our God-given [...]

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Drazkowski on Legislator Lobbyists

Drazkowski successful in blocking legislators from working for lobbyists! Last year Representative Drazkowski was successful in his bi-partisan work to PREVENT legislators in Minnesota from working for a lobbyist firm. Thanks to Steve's efforts with an amendment to the Omnibus Tax Bill, it is now ILLEGAL for a lawmaker to serve in St. Paul and be employed by a lobbying firm. Representative Drazkowski has ELIMINATED the evident conflict of interest that has long plagued the Capitol in St. Paul. Years of unethical and unprincipled governance has now come to an end as a result of Steve's leadership. 119 Democrats and Republican legislators supported Representative Drazkowski's amendment. 11 Republican lawmakers DID NOT VOTE on this [...]

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Come to Convention

Mark Your Calendar! Endorsing Convention Details: Saturday, April 2nd 8:00 a.m. Registration 9:00 a.m. Call to Order Goodhue High School 510 3rd Avenue Goodhue, MN 55027

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Questioning Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Mandate Exemption Process

In November and December of last year, Representative Drazkowski led on behalf of his constituents who worked at the Mayo Clinic and were submitted to Mayo's vaccine mandate. While Mayo extended a rigid medical and religious exemption process to its employees, Drazkowski's constituents believed that they were being discriminated against in the process. See the text of the two letters that Steve authored along with his colleagues from the New House Republican Caucus, in pursuit of the truth around the criteria that Mayo was using. Mayo's response to Rep Drazkowski's persistence was "A person does not qualify for a religious exemption if they fail to demonstrate a sincerely held religious belief that would prohibit vaccination." [...]

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