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Steve Drazkowski

Republican for Minnesota Senate.

Make Minnesota Free Again!

Representative Drazkowski has emerged as a trailblazer in Minnesota, recognized for his courageous leadership!  Draz was instrumental in exposing the election fraud in Minneapolis and pledges to push to implement an oversight committee in the Minnesota Senate.  The Feeding our Future fraud has cost taxpayers in excess of $250,000,000!  Draz exposed the Walz administration’s violation of the law when his Department of Education chose not notify the Office of the Legislative Auditor about the fraud.  An oversight committee that audits, investigates and scrutinizes government programs will make Minnesota’s government efficient and effective.

Steve Drazkowski for MN State Senator

Our Fight for Freedom

Let’s Take Back Minnesota

Our fight to restore the fundamental freedoms that have defined our Constitutional Republic for generations begins today! Minnesotans are ready to move forward and will no longer stand for the leftist media’s attempts to divide us based on our race, personal healthcare decisions or political beliefs. We are Americans FIRST and Minnesotans are ready to unite in order to begin the hard work of making our State and Nation FREE AGAIN!

Steve Drazkowski - Leader for Minnesota

Leader for Our State

Leader for Our District

Representative Drazkowski has the reputation of being a conservative servant leader in Minnesota. He has led the charge in pushing back against the attacks on our freedoms, our families, our healthcare, and our wallets. Steve has repeatedly taken the lead amongst his legislative colleagues by authoring legislation that protects YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FREEDOMS!

Steve and Laura Drazkowski

Meet Draz

A Courageous Leader.

Steve is currently the Leader of the New House Republican Caucus, a group of legislators who have a more independent position, allowing them to work across the aisle.  The New House Republican Caucus was instrumental in passing legislation that makes it illegal for lawmakers to also be lobbyists.  They have been very successful in transforming the overall direction of Minnesota government by offering legislation that benefits the people and not a political party.

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MN Senate District 20

District 20 is home to over 84,000 Minnesotans living in and around the cities of Red Wing, Cannon Falls, Lake City, Wabasha, Mazeppa, Pine Island, Plainview, Elgin, Altura, Goodhue, St. Charles, Eyota, Chatfield, Dover, and Zumbrota.

Important Dates

Primary Election

August, 9 2022

General Election

November 8, 2022

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