Election Integrity

Minnesota’s elections are vulnerable to outside interference and fraudulent activities. Representative Drazkowski has been actively exposing the corruption in our election process. As your State Senator for SE MN, Steve understands and is committed to focusing on strengthening elections laws that include:

  • Photo Identification
  • Implement Provisional balloting (verification done PRIOR to counting the ballot)
  • Limit Mail-In Voting to legitimate Absentee Voting
  • Eliminate vouching
  • Prohibit felons from voting
  • Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and other diverse groups from voter intimidation
  • Ensure Party balance for election judges in both Absentee Ballot Boards and same day voting
  • Prohibit voting equipment and electronic voter rolls from internet connections
  • Prohibit government entities from accepting financial assistance from special interest ear marked contributions that interfere with our elections (i.e. Zuckerberg)
  • Decrease early voting to 7 days

  • Enable citizens to petition for forensic audits in future elections


Over the past 4 years, Minnesota students have experienced permanent academic damage, as state government has taken its eye off the ball. See the performance and funding comparisons of the public schools in senate district 20, here. Education must be restored to fundamental learning that includes curriculum free from WOKE activism and propaganda. Parents must be allowed and invited to participate in their child(ren)’s learning. Minnesota students have a right to be physically safe and free from intimidation and punishment when their family values do not align with school administration and teacher’s unions. As your Senator, Steve will continue the fight to:

  • Eradicate Critical Race Theory (CRT) from all Minnesota Public Schools
  • Pass legislation supporting school choice so the tax dollars follow the student
  • Develop tax incentives for charter schools and home school co-ops
  • Allow citizens to recall unresponsive school board members
  • Focus on education, not indoctrination

Healthcare Freedom

The abuse of executive powers through COVID has destroyed our healthcare in Minnesota. Not only have we lost good nurses, doctors and support staff to vaccination mandates, the resulting staffing shortages has negatively impacted the quality of care you and I receive. Masking mandates, vaccine mandates and “recommendations from experts” that contradict science have stripped away our freedoms. The utilization of fear, misinformation and intimidation is going to STOP with Steve as your Senator. He will introduce legislation to:

  • Eliminate all mandates
  • Call for a FULL REVIEW of the DHS handling of COVID in Minnesota
  • Pass legislation to protect citizens from the unconstitutional over-reach of a Governor into their medical decisions and healthcare
  • Reform Chapter 12 of Minnesota Statutes to significantly limit the powers of Governors to invoke and hold onto peacetime emergencies.
  • Limit state agencies and municipalities from bribing citizens with tax dollars (i.e. COVID vaccinations) in order to accomplish political objectives

Tax Relief

Minnesotans are leaving our state in droves. They are packing up and heading for states with either much lower or no state tax burdens. Minnesota is ranked 6th in highest taxation in the Country. This is killing our businesses and middle class. As your Senator, Steve will continue to fight against the attack on your ability to keep your hard-earned money by:

  • Completely eliminate state tax on social security benefits
  • Eliminate State Property on businesses in Minnesota
  • Eliminate the 2% sick tax on Minnesotans
  • Develop a long-term plan to eliminate income tax in favor of a fair tax
  • Cut the MN Income tax to bring tax rate reductions to every tier.

Steve has never voted for a tax increase in his 14 years in St. Paul and he will continue his commitment in the Senate.

2nd Amendment

Representative Drazkowski has a long-standing record of being endorsed by the NRA and the MN Gun Owners Caucus. He understands how our 2nd Amendment is fundamental to ensuring our Constitutional Rights. As your Senator, Steve will introduce the following legislation:

  • Constitutional carry, which allows law abiding citizens to carry without asking the government
  • Stand your ground, which eliminates a citizen’s legal duty to retreat when threatened or attacked on their own property

Protect Life

Representative Drazkowski believes life begins at conception. In Minnesota the liberal courts have usurped the power of the legislature in the area of abortion laws. Steve will work with others to bring forward legislation that restores the policy making decisions regarding life to the citizens of Minnesota. Steve opposes the sale of unborn fetuses and will implement legislation to penalize organizations that make a profit from this practice. Representative Drazkowski has a long-standing record of being endorsed by MCCL with a 100% rating.

Representative Drazkowski has voted to end taxpayer funding for abortions multiple times while he has been a member of the Minnesota House. When elected to the Minnesota Senate, he will bring legislation and vote to:

  • End taxpayer funding of abortions

  • Outlaw the use of fetal tissue in research

  • Make abortions illegal after a heartbeat is detected

Rule of Law

Minnesota’s metropolitan areas are becoming like California, New York, and Illinois. They are all experiencing what happens when we allow lawlessness to rule in our society. Liberal judges, attorneys general and district attorneys that do not prosecute criminal behavior place our citizens and law enforcement in danger. As your Senator, Steve will strengthen the Rule of Law in Minnesota by passing policy to:

  • Stiffen sentencing requirements and closing loopholes that allow prosecutorial discretion
  • Implement life sentences for criminals found guilty of murdering a law enforcement officer or their family members
  • Require mandatory jail time and substantial fines for rioters who destroy property or cause injury
  • Place the Christopher Columbus statue back in its rightful and historic place in front of our state capitol