Election Integrity

  • 1/12/2009

    Voters are required to provide picture identification before receiving a ballot, issuance of voter identification card provided at no charge, and provisional balloting procedure established.


Healthcare Freedom

  • 3/17/2020

    Minnesota congressional delegation memorialized to vote against the federal health care reform bill.

  • 3/16/2009

    Residential program capacity requirements changed, and federal waiver request required.

  • 4/30/2008

    Health care reform goals set, insurance reform provided, savings accounts established, targets set, MinnesotaCare CMF established, tax procedures, treatment and credit provisions modified, liability claims limited, and money appropriated.

  • 3/13/2008

    Home care tax credit established.

Tax Relief

  • 4/21/2010

    Department of Revenue required to conduct a study on income tax reciprocity with Wisconsin.

  • 3/9/2010

    Green Acres treatment continuation provided after certain transfers.

  • 3/4/2010

    Agricultural property market value growth limited, and onetime credit established for certain agricultural properties.

  • 3/4/2010

    Green Acres program remaining property deadline extended without additional taxes.

  • 3/4/2010

    St. Charles; sales tax exemption provided for construction materials for new and expanding businesses, and tax increment financing district creation authorized.

  • 3/4/2010

    Wisconsin reciprocity agreement extended and termination permitted only by legislative action.

  • 5/17/2009

    Additional personal exemption allowed, and an alternate even rate tax provided.

  • 3/9/2009

    Deed tax exemption provisions modified.

  • 2/23/2009

    Taxable market value increase prohibited for certain homesteads owned by persons age 65 years or older.

  • 1/29/2009

    Corporate income tax rate gradual phase out provided beginning in 2010.

  • 1/15/2009

    Residential heating fuel sales tax exemption expanded.

  • 4/23/2008

    International economic development zone provisions modified, and corporate franchise tax repealed.

2nd Amendment

  • 5/8/2009

    Firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in Minnesota exempted from federal regulation under the commerce clause of the Constitution of the United States.

  • 3/18/2009

    Hunters’, anglers’, and trappers’ bill of rights established; right to arms and the right to wear fur and display game protected; hunting and fishing access ensured; program established to allow public walk-in access on private property; money appropriated; and constitutional amendment proposed.

  • 2/16/2009

    Use of force in defense of home and person law clarified, Minnesota’s self-defense and defense of home laws codified and extended, common law eliminated, boundaries of dwelling expanded, presumption created, and rights available extended to a person defending against entry of an occupied vehicle.

  • 2/9/2009

    Firearm permit to purchase from federally licensed dealer renewal time period extended.

  • 2/5/2009

    Immunity provided for certain firearm safety instructors, course providers, sponsoring organizations, and participants.

  • 2/2/2009

    Right of citizens to bear arms provided to be fundamental and shall not be abridged, and constitutional amendment proposed.

  • 2/25/2008

    Self-defense; use of force in defense of home and person laws clarified, self-defense and defense of home laws extended and codified, and common law duty to retreat eliminated.

Protect Life

Rule of Law

  • 5/6/2010

    Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act enacted and various illegal immigration provisions modified, Minnesota Illegal Immigration Enforcement Team created, and attorney general required to represent the state against any challenges to this act.

  • 1/12/2009

    Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and immigration-related data use provided.

  • 2/21/2008

    Identity theft crime expanded to include using another’s identity to obtain employment, and penalty provided.

  • 2/14/2008

    Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and data use authorized.