Questioning Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Mandate Exemption Process

Published On: March 14th, 2022|Categories: News|

In November and December of last year, Representative Drazkowski led on behalf of his constituents who worked at the Mayo Clinic and were submitted to Mayo’s vaccine mandate. While Mayo extended a rigid medical and religious exemption process to its employees, Drazkowski’s constituents believed that they were being discriminated against in the process. See the text of the two letters that Steve authored along with his colleagues from the New House Republican Caucus, in pursuit of the truth around the criteria that Mayo was using. Mayo’s response to Rep Drazkowski’s persistence was “A person does not qualify for a religious exemption if they fail to demonstrate a sincerely held religious belief that would prohibit vaccination.” This shocking statement that the Mayo clinic was judging the sincerity of people’s religious beliefs and then using that judgement to later legitimize them firing over 700 employees, is very troubling. Other members of the legislature followed Rep Drazkowski’s lead and subsequently sent letters of inquiry to May, as well. See pdf’s of each letter and its response from Mayo, below.

Letter to Mayo Clinic regarding religious exemptions from the vaccination mandate.
Read Letter dated November 23, 2021

Mayo Clinic’s Response
Read Letter dated December 3, 2021

Our Response to Mayo Clinic
Read Letter dated December 10, 2021

Mayo Clinic Response
Read Letter Dated December 16, 2021

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