Radio Ad Script #1, October, 2014

I’m State Representative Steve Drazkowski. After 14 years helping farmers as a county extension agent, I know farm families are suffering after two years of all Democrat control in St. Paul. Democrats targeted farmers at the State Capitol and forced them to pay more, creating new taxes on farm machinery repair, fuel and fertilizer storage, […]

Organizations Endorsing Draz

I am honored to receive the endorsement of these outstanding organizations: Republican Party of Minnesota National Rifle Association Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) National Federation of Independent Businesses Republican Liberty Caucus Minnesota Minnesota Farm Bureau Liberty Minnesota

Propane Prices Spike – Why, and What Can We Do?

Dear friends, Over the last few days, I have been hearing from a growing number of constituents, including propane suppliers, regarding a tight propane supply resulting a doubling of the price. Constituents who heat their homes with propane are concerned about the price spike and about tight supplies. Reports from some propane dealers say that […]